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Letter: Wal-Mart gate

Will we renege on this long-standing agreement because it is now viewed “inconvenient,” or will we stand by and honor the intention of the original agreement by our elected officials of the past because it was made as the result of listening to the concerns of the adjacent neighborhoods?

To open the gate, in my opinion, prioritizes traffic over community. Would any one among us wish for the traffic generated by any commercial core to be unleashed upon our neighborhood street? The erosion and decay to residential quality of life when traffic increases is inevitable. We see the consequences daily as we drive Grand Avenue, merely 20 homes remain residential, all others have been converted to businesses. Temporary exposure to traffic, acceptable. Do we truly desire a second Grand Avenue dividing our community?

Traffic will forever be intertwined with our city, but we can choose to limit its impact and work to make traffic our asset. Let’s imagine what we want for our often acclaimed walkable city, and consciously choose to not toss any neighborhood under the wheel. The marginal time gain/advantage for any motorist is not worth the price for our future.

Diane Reynolds
Glenwood Springs

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