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Letter: Walking bus saints

A volunteer is, by definition, a person who freely offers their time for a task. Sure, the volunteers for the Roaring Fork Schools’ first ever “walking school bus” showed up and freely offered their time. But, they contributed so much more than just that.

The following individuals deserve to be recognized: Melissa Miller, Kimberly Henrie, Carol Buick, Jeff Carlson, Viola Huber, Elaine Speck, Eli Kaufman, Barbara and Bill Barnes, Billy Bryant, Nancy Brooks, Kathy and Harold Ulibarri, Janelle and Jesus Ortiz, Janelle Lundin, Mayra Argueta, Michele Field, Krissa Grant, Monica Shivley, Pam Szedelyi, Sheila Markowitz, Kristen Clifford, Erica Niebla, Lori Kollman, Lori Welch, Lynn Gibson, Juana Garcia and Phyllis Coleman.

This group of committed community members who volunteered their time to make this transportation feat possible did everything from dressing up and coordinating their outfits to match their route’s color to offering a piggyback ride to tired walkers to being students’ personal cheerleaders and mentors. These volunteers may better be defined as the walking school bus saints.

These saints were retirees, working mothers, pastors, and other community members from Glenwood Springs — even Carbondale and New Castle — who showed up and went above and beyond the call of a volunteer. These volunteers supported our students day after day, rain or shine, and always with smiles on their faces.

We know a volunteer does not do what they do for a monetary incentive. We also know that we couldn’t assign a monetary value for all that our volunteers did for the kids and the Walking School Bus. If you see or know someone who supported this effort, please help us thank them — for their time, love of community and kids, kind hearts, and spirits of enthusiasm!

Jordan Schoeller, Jared Rains

Roaring Fork School District

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