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Letter: Wall ensures quality of life

The Los Angeles school teachers are on strike for more money and less work. Their district served 734,000 kids in 2016-’17. The teachers union touted the fact that the graduation rate had increased from 62 percent to 80 percent. This “accomplishment” means the district turns out over 146,000 dropouts every year.

These generally poor, mostly minority dropouts may be the ones hurt most by illegal immigration. I believe it’s their jobs illegal aliens steal by working cheap. The Latino community might tell you they don’t want any more illegal workers to compete with. Everyone benefits from border security.

Nancy Pelosi’s calling a wall “immoral” is a betrayal of our security and quality of life. Probably only naive idealists believe in open borders. As Earth’s population explosion continues, controlling those borders may ensure our children’s quality of life.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


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