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Letter: Wary of quarry plan

Uh-oh. I just read about Rocky Mountain Resources wanting to greatly increase production at the quarry north of Glenwood Springs. I know how important this quarry is for roads and for the economy. However, I grew up watching a quarry on the Front Range expand to the point where it took out two mountains worth of limestone. The visual foot print it left was horrifying: Two mountains hollowed out, and staircase roads with never ending trucks ascending and descending, seemingly nonstop.

That this quarry is in view of our beautiful town and in view of many of our tourist destinations such as the Iron Mountain Hot Springs and the Glenwood Adventure Park, I would hope that the BLM and Glenwood citizens would think twice before giving a green light to expand this quarry. I’m grateful that RMR would be providing more information and I hope that information includes how many acres they plan to expand on.

Currently we can see the quarry from any vantage point, and I know that if RMR is planning to increase employees from five full-time to between 40 and 50 full-time employees, with trucks going up and down to Devereaux Road, it will have a marked impact on traffic, as well as on the mountainside next to so much tourist activity.

Annie Uyehara

Glenwood Springs


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