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Letter: Watch health care votes

I was puzzled by Mitch Mulhall’s column in which he took the position that Obamacare was immoral because it was passed using amendments. Because of this, he seemed to think that the Republican House of Representatives was right to vote to throw 25 million Americans off of health insurance, while giving massive tax breaks to billionaires. Then he tried to justify his position further with an oddly contradictory biblical quote.

Rep. Scott Tipton must agree with Mulhall, as he voted in favor of Trumpcare, which if passed by the U.S. Senate would deprive so many of our neighbors of health care. Well, I agree with the meaning of the quote from Matthew that Mulhall cites: How we treat the least of us does matter. 

So let’s vote Tipton out and carefully watch our senators to see whether they vote to help people who need health care or, alternatively, to help the extremely rich get even richer.

Karen Glenn


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