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Letter: Water fight

We are facing a time of resistance and renaissance in our country that has both empowered and created fears in many communities, including our own. I believe as a veteran I must stand up to injustices in order to heal this planet.

I live in West Glenwood Springs and have the curse of being a customer of the West Glenwood Springs Sanitation District. The overcharging and harassment for money during 2016 resulted in the company finally admitting this month that they overcharged.

The annual bill of $360 had instead been replaced by demands of $977 for the year. By June 2016 we had paid over $600 on an annual fee of $360. We were told that we were having a lien placed on our property. This threat was a lie. No judge issued a lien. We were charged an additional $250 for this lien “paperwork.”

Then came the physical intimidation. A week before Christmas they demanded an immediate payment of $377 and came to our home to shut off services. My checks had been cashed but not credited, according to billing. I was not able to speak to a customer service representative after June 2016.

While I was in the hospital having surgery, the West Glenwood Springs Sanitation sent someone to shut off our services even after collecting double the basic fees. They not only painted the necessary lines but vandalized our personal property with the paint. They posted a sign on our door to shame and degrade us further. This tape damaged the paint on our door.

Earlier this month, we went to the West Glenwood Sanitation District meeting. A bill that was previously $800 was changed to $114 after a year and a half battle. We recorded it in the event the board decided not to honor its vote.

We need a criminal investigation into this group. This is unacceptable.

Janelle Gross Ortiz

Glenwood Springs

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