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Letter: We all lost

I would like to answer Ms. Spaulding also. I’m an ordinary white guy, like Mr. Trulock, who voted “against” Trump. You so eloquently point out Ms. Spaulding, that those of us who did not vote for Trump lost, and we need to deal with it. OK …

Trump took to his Twitter account to speak to his feelings about the Clinton camp joining the Jill Stein, Green Party recount of three states. In all Mr. Trump’s wisdom, while deriding the recount, he stated that he won the Electoral College and the popular vote if you subtract 3 million illegal votes for Clinton.

So our brilliant president-elect isn’t even wise enough to not hurt his own cause (statement). You see, if our president-elect thinks 3 million people voted illegally, don’t we need a complete recount?

I submit Ms. Spaulding, that we all lost. Some Americans just haven’t realized it yet. I’m comfortable with my vote. How about you?

Brad Gates

New Castle

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