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Letter: We all lost

Before I get back to trying to find a way to work for a future that includes a sustainable environment, I have to get a few things off my chest about this election.

“Let us be dissatisfied,” as Martin Luther King famously said. We don’t have to accept this election as some final verdict. That said, dissatisfaction was what elected Mr. Trump. The Rust Belt in particular voted its dissatisfaction at jobs sent overseas, jobs that could actually support a family.

Those jobs are not coming back because Donald Trump has been elected. The world is a different place now, and is without security for any of us unless you are a member of the 1 percent. You, me and the Rust Belt and coal mining Trump supporters all have in common an economy that will not pay for a college education for our children, or for most will not include a comfortable, secure retirement.

I had a kind person say to me that they were sorry that I obviously felt so bad after the election. They said, “I know what it is like to lose.”

Understand my sadness and fear is not just for myself and losing. I am afraid for the party of “me” as well. I am afraid of losing a future for us on the planet. This is not zero sum, “I lose, you win” situation. You are going to lose too, kind friends.

The economy must undergo fundamental change away from fossil fuels to repair an environment with dying oceans and disappearing ice caps, or quite frankly our children will not live out their lives.

That is why I am so sad for this Trump victory. He threatens to accelerate the pace at which our planet is dying. This is not to mention the social justice and immigrant issues and the crudeness and misogyny that characterized his campaign. Donald Trump believes in sovereign supremacy, war and doesn’t believe in the most important issue of our time, human-caused climate change. For all these reasons, we all lost Nov. 8.

Barb Coddington
Glenwood Springs

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