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Letter: We are special

Response to the editorial “Join in bridge solution — you’re not special” :

While I agree full heartedly that all of us can play into easing the impact that will be felt by the bridge closure, I full heartedly disagree with the repeated statement throughout this editorial that we are not special.

We are. Asking community members to contribute to the solution because we care, because we matter, because we want to live in a community that demonstrates these values is a much more powerful, respectful invite than the one of, “Do it. You’re not special.”

As the newspaper of this community, it is important to use the power of the printed word to validate and appreciate those who live here and visit here by stating, “You’re special. We are special. Together we can make it through the upcoming traffic snarl. We can be the community that cares for each other. We can be willing to help where help is needed. We can plan our travel in a way that keeps frustration at bay and keep the right lane open for those who need emergency care.”

There are so many ways to say what we can do in positive language, why turn to words that dismiss or make less of any one person or any group of people or a whole community of people?

To whomever wrote this editorial, I challenge you to consider that we are special, each one of us. We will do our best. We will do our best to honor the emergency vehicles, to stay calm and understanding, to drive with respect, to ride our bikes with courtesy. Of course, there will be times that someone falls short of that. Is it not understandable?

For some time, people have been thinking through how to manage this closure. They merit a thank you, not a statement that they are not special.

People rise or sink to expectation. Rather than tell us that we all are not special, expecting us to make life rotten for others during this trying traffic challenge, invite us to be our best.

You just might be surprised to find we are special. We do care. We are respectful. We will do our best. And sometimes we will be frustrated.

Karen Barbee

Glenwood Springs


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