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Letter: We can’t afford Amendment 74

Amendment 74 is a threat to our zoning regulations and our budget. It allows anyone to sue the government agency that made the regulation if their property value drops because of it.

If you don’t want a pot shop next to your school, church or home and there is a zoning rule against it, the person/corporation can sue for loss of income. We, the taxpayers, have to at least hire attorneys, pay them and/or pay the damages.

In 2004, Oregon passed  a similar bill. As of March 12, 2007,  7,562 claims were filed. By December 4, 2006 Portland had claims totaling over 250 million dollars. Many of those claims were filed by major land developers. Oregon changed the law in 2007 because of the cost to taxpayers.

If we pass Amendment 74, the gas/oil industry could file claims worth millions if not billions of dollars and make the taxpayers pay. 

“No” on Amendment 74 — we can’t afford it!

Sandy Sekeres


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