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Letter: We have work for you

Because of my surname, which means bad or evil in Spanish, many assume I am Hispanic. My surname happens to be of French-Canadian derivation, but I would be just as proud if it were Hispanic.

The recent immigration crackdown is clearly racially motivated, but I think what really bugs white Protestants is Hispanic immigrants put to lie their beloved Protestant work ethic. That is the Calvinist concept, later defined by the capitalist Max Weber, that proposed hard work is a Protestant characteristic.

It was a fraud to begin with and that was never more obvious when Roman Catholic Hispanics came to El Norte to work in the truck farms and showed they could outwork any white Protestant. We have an immigration problem for the same reason we had a slavery problem. White farmers, mostly Protestants, are too lazy to do their own farm work.

The haters say, “They’re taking over. In 20 years there’ll be more of them than us.” In the first place, as far as the Mexicanos are concerned, if they did take over Colorado, they would just be taking back what was once theirs. Before that, the Mexicanos took over from the Native Americans. We’re just the latest land grabber.

In the second place, at the rate Hispanics are intermarrying, in 20 years you won’t be able to tell the Hispanics from the Anglos.

I not only want Congress to continue DACA, I want it to free up our unnecessarily restrictive overall immigration system. If you want to work and have no criminal record, come on in. We have work for you to do and no one to do it but white people who don’t want to do anything but sell insurance.

Instead of building walls, we should be tearing existing walls down. Hadrian’s, China’s, Berlin’s; walls have never worked.

Bienvenidos mis amigos.

Fred Malo Jr.


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