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Letter: We must get political for animals

Protecting the innocent is the purpose of law, and few are more innocent than animals. Yet our laws do not do nearly enough to safeguard animals from neglect and mistreatment, whether it’s exporting horses for slaughter or pets’ exposure to domestic abusers. You can help to change that.

Please urge your 3rd Congressional District representatives to support the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) initiatives as the PAWS Act (H.R.909/S.322) – PACT Act (H.R. 1494/S.654) – SAFE Act (H.R.113/S1706) and other Acts, and help us protect those who do not have a voice and help more animals. It really is as simple as each one of us taking one minute in our day to call our representative’s office and communicate our desire for co-sponsorship of each one of these Acts. For more information take a couple more minutes to research yourself on the ASPCA website on initiatives for animals. We are their voice. We must get political for animals. This is a matter of human kindness.

Natalie Blanchard


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