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Letter: We need flags, not lame excuses

I just read the front page article in a recent paper, and I don’t get it. 

It seems to me that the city is looking for reasons not to display our American flag. 

If I worried every time I go out for a walk that I might be injured or if I drive into town that I will get hit by another car, I would never leave my house. 

Yes, someone could get hurt, but if they are willing to take that risk, why not let them. 

If installed on either the pedestrian or traffic bridge as the Rotary has suggested, they could remain up all the time as both are light and show the pride our city has for this great country we live and work in. 

Quit making up lame excuses and allow all of us to enjoy seeing old glory gracing our town. 

Berne Mitton

Glenwood Springs

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