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Letter: We need libraries, and libraries need 6A

Garfield Country has some nice library buildings and a friendly staff. They are child-friendly, working parent-friendly, senior citizen friendly. They offer study and small conference rooms at no cost. They offer Wi-Fi in a quiet setting to people who can’t afford it at home and technical help to users who need it. They offer occasional free concerts.

Garfield Libraries also have too few books, and too few education programs and not exactly the most up-to-date tablets and computers. They are closed on Sundays and not open long enough in the evenings. That’s because they’re still broke.

Libraries are traditional bastions of freedom and learning. Librarians are traditional defenders of freedoms of speech and press. Let’s give them the money they need to be all they can be in Garfield. I’m voting yes on 6A. Looks like it will cost me under 30 cents/day. For our entire household. Go buy freedom of speech and press in Iran, Russia, Saudi Arabia or China for 30 cents a day. Or put the 30 cents towards three lattes a month and don’t worry about freedom or education. You’ll never miss it. Till it’s gone.

Ron Kokish


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