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Letter: We shouldn’t laugh off Trump

I listened to Senator Cory Gardner on CNN on Sunday. He stated that Trump — with Trump’s insane statements regarding the video against Muslims — is just trying to distract the American public. He seemed to just laugh it off.

I am assuming that Gardner is a bright man. So how can he continue to support Trump? That same day, Trump said Obama was not born in the USA and that the Access Hollywood tape was fake news. What does Trump have to do for my Senator to stand up to him?

I guess when Trump starts a war on North Korea he might do something about his narcissistic behavior, or not. The blood spilled by that war will be on Gardner’s hands and history will wonder why people like him continued to support Trump’s insane behavior.

Please, please, stand up to him. My grandchildren have their lives in your hands.

If we don’t stand up to him, this country might not survive this maniac.

Michael P Blair

New Castle

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