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Letter: We’ll be here after oil and gas are gone

Our County Commissioner, Mr. Tom Jankovski, fears new changes to COGCC rules will cause recession in the West.

If Mr. Jankovski really believes this, then I would say he isn’t doing his job. He should be looking to the future, not to next year in making decisions about our county. Gas and oil are not forever. And now that the easy drilling is done, and the industry is looking to populated areas and fragile areas to drill, why is our county commissioner balking at rules that would protect our schools, water and communities. These concerns should have been considered long before now. Our commissioners should have been looking at ways to preserve these factors that will be important to the long-term health of our economy, tax base and desirability as an area to live and work.

We should all learn the lesson of the boom and bust cycle of mining, energy extraction and logging industries. These industries are important but can have a negative impact on other major sources of economic health and welfare, such as tourism, hunting, fishing, agriculture and desirability of living here. Look at what happens to major companies that refuse to look to the future but only this year’s bottom line. They ensure they make money this year, but without the foresight to predict what will happen 10 years from now? Wake up Mr. Jankovski. We are all still going to be here after gas and oil are gone.

Barbara Larime
Glenwood Springs

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