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Letter: We’ve seen this before

In 1933, Adolf Hitler and his minister of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, were on the rise in pre-World War II Germany. The Ministry of Propaganda gained control over all news. It allowed only news that supported Nazi philosophy. As we know, the result was that the world was given one of the evilest regimes in history.

Obviously we have not learned from history. We now see that Trump and his Goebbels, Stephen Bannon, are doing the same thing. According to Trump/Bannon, if the press disagrees with your views, call it false or fake news. Ban any and all news agencies that disagree with or question your blatant lies and avoid transparency at all costs and only allow news agencies access that are in lock step with the Bannon/Trump propaganda. Make your supporters think that your lies are the truth and truth is a lie. Tell a lie often enough and people will ultimately perceive it to be the truth. Welcome to Make America Great Again; unfortunately it is Germany 1933.

We are seeing this in the way that Bannon/Trump are not addressing the issue of Russia interfering with the presidential election on the behalf of Trump. I believe that the Bannon/Trump ploy will fail, and based on the paranoia they are exhibiting, the truth probably is that they were both aware of and supported Russia’s interference with the presidential election. Their compliance, if true, will and should be considered an act of treason. This is a great threat to the United States of America, our Constitution and our republic, but it is not the only threat.

Trump/Brannon’s actions are also threatening the entire planet. Global climate change is not a Chinese plot, as Trump declares; it is real and it can destroy life as we know it. Climate change is not a threat we can pass on down the line to our grandchildren, because there is a point at which the damage becomes irreversible and that time is approaching, or sadly it may be here already. The Trump/Bannon battle cry of “damn the environment, full greed ahead” is wrong.

Richard Hampleman

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