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Letter: What happened to a second opinion on health matters?

The mayor of Glenwood Springs remembers when the South Canyon landfill was a total dump! So do I. This landfill has never been in better shape for the common resident at the most affordable price per load of any landfill in our region. The transformation that private enterprise accomplished with this steaming pile is commendable.

To quote the Glenwood Springs City Manager Debra Figueroa on the paid study ultimately giving Heartland Environmental the axe, “Staff recommended Blue Ridge Services to City Council based upon its vast experience and a phone interview.” I guess a Google search and a phone call is all it takes for local government to ruin a good thing. What happened to a second opinion on health matters?

Maybe now that the city knows best on dealing with trash, they’ll realize what a revolting eyesore to the tourist economy the free Spring Cleanup of piles of personal junk along every street is. Maybe this is where the perceived shortfall of landfill revenue exists? What about that expense? Maybe a city staffer can do a Google search to fix this problem also.

I think the mayor remembers well. Do you?

Bruce Bell

Glenwood Springs

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