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Letter: What if Trump were an agent for Russia?

So suppose the President of the United States were a Russian agent. If the aim of our enemy is to weaken us, wouldn’t an indefinite government shut down sort of do the trick? Or repeated presidential overtures toward the dissolution of NATO? Or the gutting of the State Department? Or the lifting of specific sanctions to the great benefit of oligarch Oleg Deripaska, to whom the Trump Campaign Chairman owes millions of dollars as he sits in federal prison awaiting sentencing on multiple felonies? Suppose the President of the Untied States receives regular private telephone briefings from the old KGB Agent himself? What if Putin and the oligarchs, the richest cartel in history, rescued the disgraced and emotionally fragile real estate mogul after his spectacular casino disasters and groomed him for his present role for over a decade? Can you imagine the “compromat” they might have? Seriously, is there any other way for the Donald to have ascended to the Presidency, or any example of his leadership so far that argues otherwise?

Kenneth McDonald

Glenwood Springs

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