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Letter: What if?

Sometimes I enjoy imagining alternate timelines. The last time Earth had a major deviation from democratic choice was when Gore lost the Electoral College by 500 votes. From a trajectory of clean energy and balanced budgets, imagine no Dick Cheney holding a stand-down order, thus no 9-11, perpetual war, $9 trillion debt to pay for two useless (unless you are Exxon) wars.

No 4,000 tons of nano particulate uranium 285 put into the atmosphere by projectile points. Or Wall Street equating trillions in bad debt as good debt until we explode in ’08. We give the new owners of the properties, Wall Street, a trillion dollars.

We lose the Transportation Trust Fund to Republican privatization and defunded our roadway infrastructure, making citizens pay for it now. In 2000, the Republicans on the Supreme Court delivered pandemonium, mayhem and destruction to the nation, setting the country back 50 years.

John Hoffmann

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