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Letter: What is the CMC Board of Trustees? Why should you care?

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Colorado Mountain College is funded predominantly by our mill levy. The Board of Trustees represent their district’s constituents by making sure that your tax money is being used appropriately. In other words, they have direct oversight and make powerful decisions on budget. Make no mistake about it. This is a vital piece of ensuring Colorado Mountain College stays a sustainable institution that provides rigorous and ground breaking education to our community members.

Why elect Mary Axelson to represent our stake as a member of the Colorado Mountain College Board of Trustees?

As an educator at CMC for 30 plus years, Mary Axelson has a history of asking CMC Administrators very tough questions and not accepting the status quo. The root of her decision making is always maintaining Colorado Mountain College as student-centered academic and educational institution and ensuring financial stewardship. Is she afraid to rock the boat when making a stand for what is right and ethical? Never. You want Mary representing Colorado Mountain College’s best interest to ensure we keep this incredible community asset thriving for years to come.

Connie Geiman, DNP, RN
Glenwood Springs

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