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Letter: What really happened?

I think it’s rather odd that before Obamacare everybody had their own doctor and their own health care that they could afford.
Then the Democrats and Obama came up with the great idea that we need a better health care, so he screwed the first round of the health care up. Then we had another round of health care and it cost more, but so what? The damage had been done with your doctors. So then Obama couldn’t get it off the ground, so Washington decided to take the money from the only account that had any, so he used Social Security. Apparently that was OK with all of those except the Social Security recipient. Yes, it is true.
The Social Security money in the account wasn’t supposed to be a slush fund for Congress, but, hey, it’s easy to get at and use, so then we get the promise it will be paid back, never happened.
We are still getting no raise, and nobody except the people on Social Security feels the pinch. Then Congress comes up with Social Security is an entitlement. No, it isn’t. I spent 65 years putting it in there. It was my money to begin with and now nobody will stand up and admit that it paid for all of your health care. So then the price was so reasonable you all thought it would stay that way.
Now it’s getting higher and for those of us on Social Security, we would like our money back in full with interest. So all you holier-than-thou Democrats start screaming because all of a sudden the Social Security account needs the money and you still have a higher payment and a higher deductible. So what did the Commander in Chief Obama do? Got out and demanded more money than he entitled, so now nobody can afford their insurance premiums or deductibles and frankly I think it’s kind of gone full circle. You’re no better off than you were eight years ago when the snake oil Obama came to town and sucker punched you to begin with.
So all of a sudden the Democrats are doing what they have always done: Don’t ask, don’t tell.
Let’s just hope all this passes away and we get to take the money from the Social Security account. I don’t think the Democrats ever learn that taking money from Peter to pay Paul never gets you to where you want to be.
Jane Spaulding

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