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Letter: What’s right? What’s wrong?

The tone of current affairs is not unlike the microcosm in the spin off from Breaking Bad: Better Call Saul. In this prequel, two self-absorbed McGill brothers, Charles the head of an Albuquerque law firm, and Jimmy, an aspiring lawyer and a would-be con man, have this on again, off again relationship.

Charles’ “rightness” tries to outdo Jimmy’s wrongness. What Charles can’t accept is his own humanity … much less that of others, and it destroys him. In the meantime, Jimmy careens down a path where he eventually reinvents himself as Saul Goodman (it’s all good, man).

Not unlike Mueller and Trump. Trust Trump’s heart more than Mueller’s brain. Mueller represents the elite forces that would have put the government in control of third parties. Trump responds to the populous. It’s more revealing to see people react to Trump than to watch him posture. It tells how deep the fix was in for Hillary.

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction

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