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Letter: What’s wrong with Trump?

Are you exhausted yet? I am. Trump exhausts me, but he is like watching a car wreck — I can’t turn away.

I’ve long said that blaming his behavior on mental illness is an insult to the many people who truly suffer from mental illness. Trump is really just a mean, horrible, abusive, bigoted, liar.

A recent Quinnipiac poll showed that over 50 percent of Americans surveyed thought he was ‘strong.’ Trump is not strong. His behavior is consistent with someone suffering from extremely low self-esteem. He bullies his way through life to try to feel like a real man. It is clear it hasn’t worked. In this same poll, the clear majority said that they disapproved of his job performance and the direction the country is going.

How could this man get so far in life behaving this way? The answer is pretty simple: he has never had any consequences for his actions. He has been bailed out for everything his entire life. No one has ever told him no.

Which leads me to the question of why the current GOP members of Congress stand up for him and go in front of the cameras and lie to defend him, making fools of themselves. Why have the evangelicals “given him a mulligan on his life” before becoming president? Don’t these people realize that they will be dragged down along with this crook?

It will be interesting to see the rats jump ship when the USS Donald sinks.

Jo Jones



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