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Letter: Where are the rules?

What’s up? Why have a planning and zoning department?

Why have a City Council, whose job it is to guide and make sure the building codes are followed?

Right now the developers are setting the rules. The planned development at 6/24 and Donagan is totally wrong. Throw out density. Throw out required parking. Throw out height restrictions.

Now a project on Airport Road wants the same exemptions. They want to add 25 percent to the density. They don’t want to have to install curbs or gutters. They don’t want to have parking. They don’t want to put in a road surface. No turn lanes in or out. No bus pullout. No plan for the South Bridge and the bypass from Exit 114 to Colorado 82.

So who is looking after the city of Glenwood Springs?

Ron Myers

Glenwood Springs

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