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Letter: Where we should focus

The question needs to be asked” “Where are our priorities?”

The last “terrorist” raid originating from Mexico was on March 9, 1916, when Pancho Villa and his men raided Columbus, New Mexico, killing nine civilians and seven U.S. Army soldiers. My great-great-grandfather A.L. Ritchie was among the civilians killed.

Meanwhile, 100 years later, 310,000 Americans will die of a largely preventable cause of death, that being heart disease. Hundreds of thousands more die from other diseases that researchers are fighting financed largely by private donations.

The influx of aliens illegally “flowing” across our borders has reached virtually net zero. The aliens who do work here do in point of fact pay numerous taxes in terms of sales taxes, fuel taxes and real estate taxes through their rental of property as well as purchase of real estate. Emphasis directed at people here illegally needs to pointed equally at their employers and enforced with all the diligence that Donald Trump would presume to pursue his deportation philosophy.

Our infrastructure is trillions of dollars behind in maintenance and modernization. We all know that our national debt is also staggering with each man woman and child owing about $43,000.

We cannot simultaneously lower taxes and deal with our ever-growing financial problems. A wall between us and Mexico is the least of our problems and a waste of billions of dollars and nothing but pure political rhetoric that unfortunately a small percentage of our population believes to be key to our national identity and success.

Trickle-down economics does not work. Wealth is accumulating among the richest of our society at unsustainable rates with billions in cash flowing to tax havens overseas, not jobs in the United States. An equitable rate of taxation is not socialism; in fact the rich would recoup billions in taxes and thousands of people would be put to work by raising taxes on the wealthy and investing those taxes in our health and the infrastructure. It is the wealthy after all who own substantial interests in most of the companies that would be performing the rebuilding of our country.

Lastly, keep in mind that it was a third-party candidate, Ralph Nader, who in all likelihood caused the outcome of a still-memorable Florida election in which candidate Al Gore won the majority of votes nationwide yet lost the electoral vote by a few hundred votes in Florida. Don’t waste your vote and live to regret it.

Marco Diaz


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