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Letter: Which America?

Regarding making America great again, which one North, South or Central?

There is some irony that the Americas were named by a German cartographer after an Italian cartographer. Little wonder that many “Native Americans” still call themselves Indians; and somewhat arrogantly “Americans” think that America only means “the United States.”

Still wondering what “great” years Donald is returning us to?

Anyway it would “great” if the media, i.e. the Post Independent, took a snapshot on or about the day that Donald is sworn in. A snapshot to include among other things; the national debt, numbers on food stamps, numbers on welfare, average national income, miles of wall on our border and who paid for it, boots on the ground in combat, numbers insured for health insurance, the cost of that insurance, greatness level on a scale from 1 to 10, and numerous other factors that I’m sure that you can come up with in an editorial meeting. Then go back a couple of decades with snapshots and comparisons. Then in four years do a comparison, and so on.

Who knows, even Stan Rachesky could be right. The proof will be in the pudding.

Marco Diaz

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