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Letter: Who is Tipton for?

Remember the financial crisis of 2008? People lost their jobs, their homes and their savings because of Wall Street greed and big bank excesses.

After that meltdown, Congress passed the Dodd-Frank Act to protect us from the financial industry’s worst abuses. Guess what?

Our Rep. Scott Tipton voted to get rid of the protections that act gave us. He voted to gut the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which so far has recovered $12 billion that big banks stole from us.

As he did with the American Health Care Act (AHCA), which would throw 24 million people off health insurance and give tax breaks to billionaires, Tipton voted in favor of big banks and the ultrarich and against the people of Garfield County.

His votes for the AHCA and the so-called Choice Act will instead benefit payday lenders and billionaires like the Koch brothers, whose dark money flows secretly into political campaigns.

Just who is Rep. Tipton working for? Pay attention to his votes, not his speeches, and the answer will become more and more evident.

Karen Glenn


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