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Letter: Who owns Colorado?

So apparently the Post Independent will print anything submitted in a letter to the editor. The fact is 43.3 percent of the land in Colorado is owned by the state and federal government. Apparently, if we believe the letter written by Fred Malo Jr., people from the state of Texas own at least 43.4 percent of the remaining land in the state of Colorado.

That is unbelievable. Besides that, Fred claims not one single person from Texas knows how to ski. That is also just incredible when we consider that out of the 27,862,596 people who live in Texas, not one of them knows how to ski. I guess that they must just come up here during the summer.

Just a side note, Colorado was actually part of Texas in 1843 when it was part of the Texas Annexation. The rest of Colorado was part of the Louisiana Purchase from France in 1803. Thank heavens we got those no-skiing French people out of here, otherwise we would be up to our necks in a bunch of French people with Southern accents. How lucky are we, Fred?

Finally, I can’t wait to see Fred in the X-Games or the Olympics.

Doug Meyers

Glenwood Springs

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