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Letter: Who pays for what?

Bryan Whiting, in his opinion piece, appears to want a world unchanged from the past as far as regulation and the funding for regulation are concerned. He admits there are things we need, but is unwilling for them to be paid for with government funds.

New regulations and mandates acknowledge the responsibility of the state to protect its citizens and allow them their inalienable rights. To accommodate new science and knowledge and a modern economy, priorities for money must shift.

I imagine at one point football helmets were an unfunded mandate, as were seat belts, shatterproof glass, highways and innumerable things modern upon which we now depend.

As a retired teacher, you could include PERA benefits for an underfunded mandate. Like Mr. Whiting, I’m not debating the need for PERA benefits, but rather the “source of the funding.”

Barb Coddington

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