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Letter: Who pays the tax

It is so nice to read a column about the dark by someone still in the dark, but then again maybe Jon Caldera is just trying to keep you in the dark, being that when the light is shined on so-called free market think tanks like his Independence Institute, they turn out to be lobby groups formed to keep corporations on the dole.

Jon, you know why the withholding tax is paid by the employer — because it isn’t. Business structured this to make it look like they weren’t paying employees less but the government was. It is the exact same as passing it on to the consumer, but in-house.

It is funny how you limousine, think tank, intellectuals will hide behind the long shadow of government rather than tell us the truth. You know the tax by another name is the fee by another name, big business thought up in those bastions of so-called “free enterprise” where the workload consists solely of schemes to rig the system. They more truthfully would be called “shark tanks,” blaming the government for when it is forced to play your game to have any revenue at all.

If you are about free enterprise, why don’t you tell us the truth that all these shenanigans have come to be because big business has rigged the system to the point where the 1 percent only pays 2 percent in taxes, dumping the rest on the consumer, employee and blaming government for decades of grift.

Eric Olander
Glenwood Springs

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