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Letter: Who will be responsible?

This is in reference to the news that PetroHunter, an oil and gas drilling company operating in Rio Blanco County, has recently declared bankruptcy. This company violated a large number of the COGCC rules and regulations and was fined $313,140, but was required to have only a $60,000 bond, which will cover only a small amount of the damages for which the company is responsible.

My questions are: What would happen if a similar situation had been caused by the company drilling within the Battlement Mesa PUD where drilling is being allowed by both the state COGCC and local politicians? Who will be held responsible for any damages since the drilling is within the PUD? Will the residents be compensated for their health problems and property damages that may ensue if the same problems occur as in Rio Blanco County, and who will be responsible?

It appears from the article that there was very little or no oversight by either the county and state politicians or the COGCC bureaucrats, and the bonding requirements were completely inadequate. Apparently the propaganda that Colorado has the strictest bonding and drilling regulations is a myth.

Garry Evenson
Battlement Mesa

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