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Letter: Whole lot of shaking

Industry “experts” have denied drilling’s effects on populations for years. Mr. Ellsworth was right to reference human-induced quakes.

Though fracking does indeed make the earth shake during the fracking event, Science News reported that injection wells have been proven to lubricate and pressurize strata and initiate earth temblors up to magnitude 5.7.

The Rocky Mountain Arsenal’s deep injection well rocked Denver from 1962-66, damaging homes. Chevron’s Colorado oil fields experiments in 1967-69 showed that intensity and frequency of quakes can be modified by changing pressure and frequency of injections. Raton Basin 2001-present delivered a magnitude 5.3 quake in August 2011.

Dallas-Fort Worth injection wells in October 2008-May 2009 created a storm of magnitude 3.3 quakes. Prague, Oklahoma, Nov. 6, 2011, experienced a magnitude 5.7 from injection wells, destroying 14 homes. Youngstown, Ohio, Dec. 31, 2015, got a magnitude 4.0 as its first-ever quake from an injection well. Cogdell Oil Field in Snyder, Texas, from 2006-11 rocked with a series of 90 quakes, one at magnitude 4.4, two years after starting injection of supercritical CO2.

Science News, Jan. 24, 2015, “Shaky Solutions.”

John Hoffmann


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