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Letter: Who’s the rube?

Dear Mr. Boyle, I am one of the mindless rubes who voted for Donald Trump. Speaking of mindless rubes, what about a rube who spent $84,000 on a derringer?

While I have a master’s degree in American history and some appraisal experience, anyone can research whether a piece is authentic or questionable. Searching the Internet the most expensive derringer of that type I have found for sale had an asking price of $6,500. For argument’s sake let’s put a price of $20,000 on it. That leaves $64,000 for an engraving on the handle strap reading “To Doc From Kate.”

Was an appraiser consulted? Were antique firearms companies contacted? Was there any documentation before 1968? Or does dressing up and playing Doc Holliday give one unquestionable authority to make such a purchase?

Tom Voight

New Castle

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