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Letter: Why buy the book?

What does Michael Wolff’s book, “Fire and Fury,” tell us that we didn’t already know? The book claims that the President is impulsive and unfocused. If you’ve ever watched one of the President’s non-teleprompter speeches or read the transcripts of any interview that he has given to a newspaper, then you already knew that.

The book claims the President acts “like a child.” Last week the President tweeted to Kim Jong-un that his nuclear button was “bigger” than the dictators.’ That seems both childish and reckless. The book states that his staff and some cabinet members refer to him as an “idiot or a moron.” Well, the current Secretary of State still refuses to deny that he called the President a “moron” himself. So, we knew that, too.

Finally, the book claims that the President is self-absorbed and that his administration is all about him. This week, he took full credit for the fact that there were no U.S. commercial aviation fatalities in 2017, even though that had been the case for the last eight years. Seriously, do you need to buy the book?

Bob Semro

Glenwood Springs


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