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Letter: Why don’t you leave?

Wow, I have read some weird letters but Fred Malo’s may be at the top of my list.

Let me ask Fred a few questions. How does an illegal immigration crackdown become racist? Illegal or undocumented immigrants come in all nationalities and colors. I have personally met white Australians, British and Canadians. I have also met black Africans who overstayed their visas. The majority here in our area are Hispanic,so most of the ones deported are going to be Hispanic. Racism isn’t the motivation for a crackdown, but getting criminals off our streets and protecting citizens is. As far as your Protestant work ethic stuff, I have no idea where you pulled that out of, but I have my own thoughts on it.

Where did you come up with the idea that white farmers are lazy? Have you ever worked on a farm or ranch? Have you ever bucked bales of hay all day or irrigated farmland? I guess black or brown farmers don’t need seasonal workers to bring in their crops — they just work harder. I detect racism against whites throughout your letter.

Did you know that the U.S. bought the land that was “once theirs” from Mexico? Truth, look it up. I guess if you really believe that this is the norm, then people here illegally can head over to Fred’s house and kick his rear end out and move in — you’re just the latest “land grabbers.”

If you hate whites and Americans, why don’t you leave? I bet we could come up with enough donations to fly you one way to any country of your choice. I will kick in the first hundred bucks.

Norm Shroll

Glenwood Springs

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