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Letter: Why I voted for Trump

Let’s get to the jump street of why I voted for Donald Trump to sit in the Oval Office.

Although there are many reasons, I will give you three to chew on and for the hypocrites amongst you to choke on and hit the graveyards across America.

First, I have caught hell for decades in my native country of America where treason, subversion, trickery and hatred with many smiling faces wage genocide against me and many tens of millions of my fellow Americans.

Second, I know America history and am well connected in it through my ancestry. My testimony includes my ancestor Denmark Vesey and hosts of Americans who know or knew me and my family. They are black, yellow, brown and white Americans.

Third, as my mother, Mrs. Winifred Veazy used to say, “Every dog has its day.” Ergo, I have a much better chance under a Trump White House to succeed, prosper and be where I am supposed to be, at the top of America society.

It’s the greatest story ever told and the greatest miracle ever witnessed that I am still alive in America. I don’t sucker punch, jerk around or abandon those who support me and my efforts. Now like the Phoenix, I rise.

You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Emzy Veazy III


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