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Letter: Why to support 4A

On behalf of the board of directors of the Rifle Regional Economic Development Corp., I am writing this letter in support of the Grand River Hospital District’s bond issue for a new care center and hospital expansion, Ballot Measure 4A.

After more than 50 years, the E. Dene Moore Care Center has exhausted its lifespan and requires replacement. This facility employs 86 individuals and provides award-winning care for our senior citizens and those residents of our communities who require extended or rehabilitative care.

The loss of this facility would have a tremendous negative impact on the economic development of the Rifle area. The expansion would create approximately 200 new jobs in our region.

Through this ballot initiative 4A, we have the opportunity to keep residents employed, bring a significant number of new jobs and increase economic opportunities for our existing business, while committing to local health care that invests in our surrounding communities and our citizens. On behalf of the RREDC, I strongly encourage residents to support our local economy and vote “yes” on 4A.

Michael Langhorne


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