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Letter: Why vote for me?

Lifetime commitment: I have been here. I am already leading south Glenwood and have been a strong, unwavering voice for our shared concerns. Together we have fought against high-density developments, collaborated about neighborhood irrigation systems, demanded evaluation of unfair water pricing, and staved off FedEx proposal. Alongside you, I have volunteered, provided for local families in need, and dreamed of the town we would love to create for future generations. Partner with me as I continue to lead and serve you in a greater capacity as your City Council representative.

Business manager: I am a businesswoman. I know what it takes to run a successful business in this town. The city needs to operate more like a business while making the well-being of its citizens a priority. I also know how to run a charity. These skills will serve me well as I seek fiscal responsibility while making sure the needs of Glenwood residents are a priority. I will bring that crucial balance to City Council.

A woman of action: I am able to see an issue, collaborate and get things done. I am decisive. At a certain point, leadership has to stop evaluating, make a decision and move forward. City Council needs to lead. I will be your strong voice.

I have been listening to you. I have knocked on every door in south Glenwood. I am not a councilwoman who will assume. I will ask you. I will listen. I will represent you.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if we have not had the opportunity to visit yet. I am happy to stop by and listen to your concerns, ideas, and dreams for the future of our community.

Amber Wissing
Glenwood Springs

Editor’s note: Gillespie and Wissing are candidates for the Ward 5 City Council seat.

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