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Letter: Wilderness Workshop woes

I don’t usually write letters, however the recent article in the Monday, December 4 issue brought to light that in my opinion, the Wilderness Workshop has somewhat overstepped its boundaries.

I am a supporter of wilderness, and I am a supporter of access. The Wilderness Workshop has already done access damage with the closing of huntsman ridge to Jeeps. I live in Marble where we are experiencing a large amount of growth in recreation. Beaver Lake is at capacity almost every day of the summer. It is a wildlife area, yet, it is so crowded with people that there is not a lot of wildlife using the lake. The Lead King Loop is over crowded. I believe that the future will bring a pay to play scenario to the valley I call home ,

The Wilderness Workshop seems to forget that some backcountry is basically inaccessible without the use of the backcountry access roads, resulting in more concentrated use of the remaining areas. I personally have picked up a lot of food wrappers and 12 oz water bottles following a Wilderness Workshop sponsored hike. Make no mistake fellow hunters, fishermen, backcountry skiers, ice climbers, firewood gatherers, mountain bikers, kayakers, rafters, rock collectors, hikers and people that love public lands, the Wilderness Workshop is not your friend. They want to consolidate you and take away your access.

Mike Yellico


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