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Letter: Willman’s coaching

I am a junior at Glenwood Springs High School and for the past three years, I have participated in the mock trial program. For the past two years I have competed on the varsity team under head coach Charlie Willman. Charlie is an at-large candidate for City Council.

Charlie has coached mock trial for many years and has led Glenwood Springs High School to seven state championships. That is the most mock trial championships of any school in Colorado. This year, my team placed second in the state. Before that, I watched Charlie coach my older sister’s team to back-to-back state championships.

Charlie is not only a fantastic coach, but he is also a great mentor, influence and friend. Throughout the years, my team has had its ups and downs, including the passing away of one of our teammates. This was extremely hard on both my teammates and myself, however Charlie was there for us through it all and was able to coach us back to the final round in the state championship.

Charlie would make a great councilman because he is passionate, compassionate, caring and so, so hard working. Charlie has shaped the lives of so many students and turned them into successful lawyers, teachers and many other careers. There’s no doubt in my mind that Charlie will put the same effort and passion into bettering the city of Glenwood Springs that he has into the mock trial program.

Charlie Willman has impacted my life so greatly, and I would be honored to have him serve as our next at-large city councilman.

Mikey Willis
Glenwood Springs

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