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Letter: Willman’s compassion

I know that my son, Evan Carrington, would have been among the first to submit a letter urging Glenwood Springs voters to vote for Charlie Willman for city councilor at large. Charlie was Evan’s mock trial coach for two years, and the admiration Evan had for Charlie was endless.

Evan’s own words would have been so much more powerful than mine, as he witnessed firsthand the countless hours Charlie devoted to his team; the compassion, knowledge, wisdom and pure joy that Charlie shared with them.

I did witness firsthand Evan’s transformation from an extremely shy teenager, who didn’t even like to stand in front of a small group of people, let alone speak to them, to an extremely confident young man who could happily give an impromptu speech to any sized group, and do so with eloquence.

Our family also witnessed firsthand Charlie’s incredible compassion this past summer when Evan was killed in a car accident. Charlie was there for our family every step of the way, from immediately organizing the mock trial families to gather to honor Evan, to offering his assistance with all of the details for Evan’s services. Impressive enough that he was right there for us, more so was the way in which Charlie helped us, asking us often if we desired his input, his help, never pushing himself on us, but rather sharing his knowledge so that we could make informed decisions. At such an emotional time, Charlie’s passion to help us and honor Evan was an incredible gift.

Those of us who have seen Charlie in action know what an outstanding councilor he would make. He possesses the exact qualities that citizens should expect of their leaders — hardworking, dedicated, compassionate, intelligent, wise.

Jane Carrington
Glenwood Springs

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