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Letter: Willman’s contributions

I am a sophomore at Colorado State University. There is no doubt in my mind that Charlie Willman should be on Glenwood Springs City Council.

Charlie possesses all of the qualities any member of society could hope for in a city councilman. He is kind, caring, hardworking and determined. I can say with 100 percent certainty that I would not be who I am today and where I am today without him. His dedication to the high school mock trial program has inspired hundreds of students and has shaped my career path.

Charlie never stops thinking about how he can make things better. He is the first person up in the morning emailing sponsors to help fund the mock trial program and the last person awake at night, planning next day’s practice session. His ability to defuse tensions and conflict among kids is unrivaled. He listens.

I know personally a number of individuals who have gotten crossways with the law. Charlie selflessly helped them navigate the court process and guided them on the paths to success.

Glenwood Springs would not be the town that it presently is without Charlie Willman, and I cannot even imagine the potential it could have with him on City Council.

Cassidy Creer

Fort Collins

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