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Letter: Windfall ahead

I want to thank CDOT for providing Glenwood Springs with a significant financial windfall. I have been watching the bridge construction and have come to the conclusion that what we will have upon completion is the best speed trap in the state, maybe the country.

Drivers will come off the interstate where they have been going 60 or 70 mph, won’t need to stop at the roundy, and will then come over a nice wide bridge and down a grade into town. The speed limit will feel much too slow and there will be a lot of speeding vehicles.

The number of speeding tickets our police can write will be limited only by the number of officers available. Perhaps we should set aside a block of parking off Grand as an area to pull over multiple vehicles. With the additional money into the city coffers, we won’t see a tax increase in decades. Maybe a tax decrease will even be possible?

Of course, I would like some consideration as a resident and feel I should be given several warnings before being ticketed. Law enforcement could also consider giving warnings to drivers if they promise to get out and shop at a local business. Maybe the court could offer a blanket plea bargain deal where the ticket will be dropped if it is mailed in with receipts from local businesses that add up to a certain amount. I’m sure our elected officials and great police department are going to enjoy operating the best speed trap around.

Craig Burger

Glenwood Springs


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