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Letter: Wissing authentic

A vote for Amber Wissing is a positive action for Ward 5 and Glenwood Springs City Council.

Amber is my neighbor, and over the years I have witnessed her community, neighborhood and family involvement. Just when I was thinking she needs to be acknowledged for her efforts, I read in the Post Independent that she was the recipient of the 2016 Athena Young Professional Award. That honor exudes the attributes that support being a viable member of our city council.

In all arenas, she is authentic, personable and positive, which complements her strong leadership and communication skills. Her ability to recognize what needs to be done is outstanding, but what is extraordinary is her willingness to take the next step to get the job done. In handling the circumstances and people, it is done with wisdom and grace.

We can count on Amber Wissing to work for us and with us.

Ann Stewart
Glenwood Springs

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