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Letter: With all due respect

Responding to Sheriff Vallario’s comments in PI on Feb. 20

There was no surprise with his comments following the Florida school shooting. I’m glad he is willing to make those rigid thoughts public.

It’s unfortunate that he dismisses those speaking out about gun violence as liberal politicians and Hollywood elites. Not mentioned by Sheriff Vallario are the teenage survivors and parents of the victims that are speaking out for change. Where do their tragic stories play into your unyielding defense of the second amendment.

I wish we had an open-minded sheriff like Scott Israel of Broward County, Florida, who appeared on CNN’s town hall. He said, and I quote “we need gun control reform.” It’s refreshing to hear that from a high-ranking law enforcement official. He also included reasonable examples. I’m sure Sheriff Israel loves the Second Amendment as much as our sheriff.

I’m sure his comments will satisfy his base and win him future elections. Better security that includes putting guns in schools is his preferred solution. Sadly we need to consider that option. After all, everything must be on the table.

With all due respect, Sheriff, guns are very much part of the problem.

Dan Walsh


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