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Letter: Women second, again

The U.S. president is an admitted sexual predator who preyed on attractive young women. He was elected by Republican voters and is supported by the GOP leadership, evangelicals and the rest of his base. Alabama is poised to elect an accused pedophile to the senate. The evidence is clear that he preyed on teenagers and a child. The president supports this candidate. The GOP leadership’s initial position was that the Alabama judge should resign from the race. Once the predator president threw his support to the judge, the GOP flipped and gave him its blessings. The RNC came on board and started funding his campaign. This situation makes me wonder what the GOP would do if the president’s proclivity was for handsome young men and the judge preyed on young boys? When Rep. Mark Foley, R-Florida, was exposed for inappropriate behavior with young male congressional pages in 2006, he was out of Congress within days. Is there a difference in the GOP between men preying on young women and children and men preying on young men and boys? It is clear that in Trump’s America there is.

Jo Jones


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