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Letter: Won’t matter if quarry expands

After reading the article on May 21 about a growing network of mountain bike trails between Glenwood Springs and New Castle, and what it would take to make it happen for the Chamber of Commerce, such as putting bike storage at local lodges so that they can market to tourists, “Come here, spend the night, hit the trails, soak in the hot springs, and have dinner.“

This reminds me of several things: One, that the Beckleys backed out of developing South Canyon, which does not upset me at all. But the Beckleys are right about one thing — if we are going to develop bike trails, we need to have a certain amount of amenities there, the very least placing doggy-bag stations, trash cans, as well as a few porta-potties.

I don’t think we need a lodge there, however; mountain bikers usually don’t spend the night where the trails are. They can come into town and support our tourist economy.

Which brings me to my other observation: How can we say, come and enjoy our mountain bike trails, our hot springs pools, our adventure park — if tourists can’t get by the 250 trucks per day coming down from the proposed expansion of the quarry? If the BLM and the city allows the quarry to expand, not only will locals not be able to cross Highway 6 onto the bridge, or to the Hot Springs Pool, or to Iron Springs Pool and the Adventure Park, neither will the tourists.

The quarry trucks will logjam all entry ways. It will be one big hot mess. There is no way that the quarry expansion and the marvelous ideas for tourism can work side by side. It should be clear to all of us that the quarry expansion proposal be extinguished.

Annie Uyehara

Glenwood Springs

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