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Letter: Writer didn’t address health risks of drilling and fracking

Keira Bresnahan’s argument against Proposition 112, calling for a 2,500 foot setback for new oil and gas drilling, (Post Independent letters to the editor, Sept. 5) is preposterous. Her overall contention is that it would result in a statewide ban on drilling. 

That would be nice, but the proposition puts no restrictions on the 50,000 oil and gas wells already operating in the state. It only applies to new drilling. Besides, with all the open spaces in Colorado, why do the oil and gas companies have to drill within a half mile of occupied buildings?

Can you believe these people are still talking about this country’s energy independence? The United States has been an energy exporter for some time now. Part of this is due to the fact that domestic demand is down because power companies and individual homeowners are switching to renewables.

Where does this business about out-of-state activists being responsible for the setback proposition come from? I’ve been involved with 350 Colorado and Colorado Rising since we began gathering signatures and I’ve never encountered one person who wasn’t from, as the names of organizations implies, Colorado.

Nowhere in Ms. Bresnahan’s letter does she address the health risks of drilling and fracking. That’s what it’s about, Keira, and that’s a helluva lot more important than your jobs and revenue.

Fred Malo Jr.


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