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Letter: Wrong on all sides

Republicans and Democrats. Left and Right. Alt-Left and Alt-Right. Liberals and Conservatives. They’re always fighting with one another and what they’re bickering about is who government’s guns should be aimed at: Who will be the victim of government violence?

Chris Rossini, editor of Ron Paul’s Liberty report, states: There are some people on one end of the spectrum that believe the guns should be pointed at people who live in different countries (i.e. the warfare statists).

On the other end of the spectrum, there are people that believe government’s guns should be pointed inwards (the welfare statists).

Then there are people who believe themselves to be clever. They’re not “extremists” on one end of the spectrum or the other. They’re equal opportunity violence advocates. These individuals favor government guns being used overseas here, here and here. But they also favor government guns pointed inwards here, here, and here.

It’s like they’re building a Subway sandwich of violence….hold the liberty…don’t even put it on the side.

The only real winner?

The government’s guns. And of course, billionaire Lester Crown’s General Dynamics. An ancient Athenian correctly predicted that the tyranny that the world’s first democracy imposed on its colonies — its Empire — would come back to haunt it at home. It did.

Everyone begs the government to use aggressive force against someone. The only difference is who the government is going to rough up. Occupy protesters? Ranchers in Nevada?

If you have the personality of a bully, government is a dream job for you. History is littered with some of the biggest tyrants to ever walk the Earth: Stalin, Mao, Hitler … With no exceptions, they were all government employees.

Chris Rossini states: “In normal private life, you can’t rob, steal, cheat, or kill others. But in the fantasy world of government, not only is it all ‘legal,’ but people revere you, sing songs, and salute you!”

Surely, this orgy or violence is not the only option for humanity. The escape hatch is liberty and nonaggression.

Lee Mulcahy


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